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Uto and Eloka – Maternity Shoot

Uto contacted me for her maternity shots and the first question I asked was “how many months are you?” She said 7.5 months and I gave her my “why did you wait so late” speech:)Lucky enough I just had a shoot cancellation and in no time she agreed to show up at the studio for my usual shoot preparation stuffs. She arrived and I was definitely surprised how good she looked having only a few weeks left. This shoot was so last minute that I wasn’t really sure of our shoot location so we made a dash for DC. Our first stop was at one of the memorials and we got some wow shots and more. I had mad fun shooting this series, check them out.

One from the studio

I’m sure she still hears my voice in her head saying “work it Uto”:)

Eloka’s said we were paying too much attention to the belly, so I gave him a 3D/HD portrait:)

Eloka was supposed to throw the leaves up and immediately leave the frame but lets just say it didn’t work out as planned but I like the candid look of this shot

Loving Eloka’s belly play shots

Yes, we are pregnant!

A hi-five at my shoots usually mean it’s a wrap….great job guys!


Oly - Absolutely fantastic shots!!!! you guys look gorgeous!!! Dotun, you rock!!!!

Oly - Absolutely fantastic shots…awww you guys are just fabulous! Dotun you rock!!!!!!

Kechi - Aww guys you look amazing….uto yummy mummy….you look radiant! Kudos to the photog for capturing these lovely moments.

Ayesha - Aww my personal people. Uto you look fabulous! Eloka joker hahaha. Gorgeous photos Dotun

Jackie - Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Lovely..Loved the way the monument was caught in the background..Good job…

Fotos by Fola - She looks good for someone that’s almost due. This looked like a super fun shoot. Well done!

Shardayyy - Lovely shoot!

zek kaushik - lovely couple.

Ben Akah - lovely,awesome, captivating! The beauty of the Eloka and Uto and the LOVE in their eyes! I wish I could start all over again! WOW!

lorenz - Great maternity session!!!!! Uto and Eloka are beaming with love.

Funmie - I cannot wait to get pregnant… dats all i have to say :)

Nnenna - Dotun you already know this but you’re an awesome photographer. These pictures are very nice. Good job!

Idowu - Awww. I luuuuhv these pictures. So gorgeous. I think the first 2 are my faves. Kudos to Eloka for being Mr. Action shot. LOL. Hugs to you two. Cant wait to meet the little one.

Kunbi - Dotun! Dotun!!! What can I say! You did it again!!!!!!!!!

The Ifudu’s you guys rocked the shoot! Thumbs up!

Omojesu - Very lovely.

Abi - Uto, these are all so beautiful!!! I love them all! You are definately fabulous and beautiful in pregnancy .. rock on!

Addy - Nice shots Dotun, I really like her long dress, the bow dress and her hubby’s emerald green outfit. He really cracks me up with that look of accomplishment written all over his face lol

Nnedi - Absolutely awesome shots. You guys look amazing, and the photog did a brilliant job.

Uto - I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Great job Dotun..the pics are!

Stephanie - Your work is sick, sick! I can’t get enough!

Yewande S. - I love the pictures. They look like a really fun couple and their fun personality really showed through the pictures. Love it! Good job, Dotun.

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