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An old treasure found!

I found something interesting on my last trip to Nigeria and it turned out to be my very first attempt to make a photo album. It came at the right time since I’m currently working on album designs for my wedding clients. I worked on this when I was 13 or 14 judging by some of the pictures. So I guess I can say my love for photography didn’t just start recently. I remember when my dad told me choose 2 things for a Christmas gift in 1988, I said I wanted a camera and the Michael Jackson thriller record album. So I got the record and a Canon Sureshot Owl film camera. Don’t ask me why I thought it was cool to take a bunch of pictures and tape them to a piece of wood:)I guess little did I know that I was actually tapping into my love for photography but looking back now I’ve obviously ruined the shots physically by taping over it….things we do as kids!

First pic on the left, Agip estate Christmas party. From left to right, Me, Adrew Bioseh, Ogugua Bioseh, Tope Owolabi. Pic on the right, from left to right, Taye Ayodeji, Solape Ayodeji, Kehinde Ayodeji(RIP)


I also put 2 nails so I can hang this thing…lol

Enjoy some closeup details:)

Closeup, that’s me 1989 Nigerian Navy Primary School, Ojo, Lagos.

I put a little angel thing between my mum and dad to let them know I love them.

Egbon - Nice writeup, Check Out The Latest Nigerian Entertainment Gist HERE

Toks Oluyole - I echo Chinwe and Seun, Nola is a spitting gimage of you. Great job!

Seun - omg!! Nolan looks just like you! Woowwwwww

dotun roy - i mean my own wedding!

dotun roy - dotun, you are really doing a great work over there! no wonder you are creative! you are my name sake…we really share things in common but mine is more of audio-visuals…..every dotun i know make new things and renews the old for useful purpose like the literal translation of “DOTUN” in english “RENEW”……i cant wait to invite you for wedding…….cheers!

Funmi - OMG! This is amazing! Nolan is sooo YOU! But this is great it’s so like wow . . a true treasure FOUND! :-) Just goes to show it was always in you, you always had it! GREAT! :-)

Akara Ogheneworo - Wow!!! you definitely look like Nolan and this is so cool. lol…….i am going to unearth some of my pixes and look at them too. lol.

OHANA PHOTOGRAPHERS - LOVE the old photographs!

Toks - Great stuff DDot. That’s why I love photos. They are treasures which last more than a lifetime.

Wale Ariztos - wow!! reminded how important pictures are. thanks for sharing.

Funmie - Nolan all d way! wow!

my first comment here…..

ka - awww..super cute! I went to NNPS ojo too…beautiful memories!

AJ - Dotun, haha!!! I love the old school scrapbooking style album. LOL!!! it s amazing how when we look back we can always see where our passions truly lie; we just have to pay attention. And Nolan is a doppleganger for daddy.

glamrousglo - OMG!!!!!!!! Nolan is carbon copy his Dad…Di had absolutly nothing to do with it….lol

Yinks - omgosh I was wondering for a minute, like someone said before, but how come your son is in the photo then… WOW!! uh mazing these genes are amazing! If anyone ever tried to dispute that he looks more like his Mom than you, don’t say a word, just produce this photo…

Lola Carrena - Dotun is Nolan look just like YOU! My God!

chinwe - The Nolan look alike is amazing!

Debbie - OMG… For a second, I was like “what is Nolan doing in the old photo?” Then I thought “was he super-imposed in there” then I came to grips with my imagination…. “He is a spitting image of his dad!” But I digress… Dotun, even then, it seems you had a fascination with saving memories :) Good work with the collage.

Muyinot - This is Awesome! I’m sure it brought back memories.

DrAW! - OMGoodness! Based on that baby pic, Nolan is a splitting image of you!

Seun Al - Really creative album i must say, cant help but notice Nolan looked just like you as an infant…

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