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Toks and Femi

Some shots from a shoot with Toks and Femi getting married 06/12. They happen to be one of my favorite couples to shoot, always fun, loving and willing to try new shoot ideas and yeah I shoot at lot in the middle of traffic. It is one of those weddings that you actually look forward to. The shots were done for their website as seen here. I really like the outdoor shots. On the day of the shoot the light was simply sweet and sweet light plus a hot couple makes a perfect shoot:)














Yvonne - Ur pics are absolutely lovely. I need to know how u convince people to stop driving so you can take a pic. Marvellous!!!

Mercy Ilevbare - Such lovely vibrant colours!! The pictures take me to a happy them!!

Yemi - Love it…keep it up bro.

YNC Babe - Love your blog already…welcome…this shots are killing. Wow.

Fola - very very nice shots Dotun, love the one where he is taking a photo of her….

Laurie - This is a really wonderful series. They really are a lovely couple.

Abayomi - Very nice, lovely shots, i wonder if the cars drivers were not shouting…

Tunji - Great shots as usual Dotun!! Love all the pictures

Andy - Great series! My favorite has to be the one in the traffic! Really well done and you must have to be quick to take them before the drivers get mad!

Alan Rolfe - Lovely series of images. My favourite is of them sat on the grass.

Affi - Ditto on the night scene Dotun. What a great shot. Well done!

Ginnie - You have an innovative style, Dotun, which makes people seek you out, I’m sure. I’m delighted for you. I especially like the image of the Washington Monument “slicing” them from behind. They are clearly a couple but two distinct people…who happen to be getting married the day before my birthday! :)

wale. - great shots dotun! but if i was driving that night…i’d be tempted to run you over and steal your camera!

oyinade - these are mind blowing shots. i fell in love with the traffic scene WOW!!!!!!!!

loren - awesome. the trafic scene at night was veryyyyyyyyy creative.

Ayesha - I adore that night shot! Very nice! Cute couple can’t wait to see the wedding :)

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