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Ogo and Ikenna – The preparation

Another non-conventional posting. The goal of this post is to take you behind the scenes of a getting ready bride and groom before the church ceremony. Most postings will have a few of them but a lot of work go into these moments just as much as the ceremony – at least for me. I normally don’t narrate on pics but I will this time, just to give potential brides some tips on how to make these moments go smoothly and also show some details I love to capture. I will mention some technical bits here and there for photographers but no much so not to bore the non-photographers. Please enjoy these 30 shots.

1. Do you know rings stand on my command? Well maybe sometimes:)


2. I used their invitation for this shot.  Placing the ring in between the names seemed perfect.


3. Something about the point of view and mood here makes this shot for me.


4. Some of Ikenna’s details. Yes, you can say it, I make the little things look really nice…well isn’t that why you hired


5. I am a fan of shoes. I see a lot going into shooting brides shoes these days. I am a fan of putting the shoes in a simple spot and just let it show itself off, with the right lens and angle of course it comes together. Sometimes I do some crazy things with them but simplicity won for this particular shot.


6. Another simple view but yet looks dynamic.


6. Ogo gets it…always smile on your day even when things are going slightiy’s a lot more cheaper at the end of the day.

7. Takine the men getting dressed is quite easy to shoot, no stress at all.



9. Simple placement here too. The red chair in the dressing room gave me a nice backdrop. Such attention to little details like this goes a long way, on a normal day you wouldn’t think a chair will give a nice canvas looking backdrop.


10. Uhmmmm….I like.






13. I framed this with a chair nearby, I always seem to find them in hotel rooms.


14. Of course, she wasn’t supposed to see me!

15. Some wine before working down the aisle…it gets no better.






18. They guys got dressed pretty early, so we had enough time to get some shots in the lobby





21. Another tip, get dressed early enough before you head to church. 2hrs early is good enough, then you can have time to do some relaxed portraits around your hotel or getting dressed location. From my experience rushing out of the hotel room is never fun.

22. Of course a good spacious hotel will be nice. Ogo didn’t compromise on that evidently.

23. Love the randomness of their poses.











30. And it was a wrap after this shot, off to church we went. Again good location and time was key.


james muhea - absolutely captivating!

wong - Wow…love the wedding dress …welldone Dotun, i remember looking at your wedding site a few years ago and i was in awe…still in awe!

AmakaTacoma - Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Marriage is fake but those photos are FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Church!!!!!!! What a location is that?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Church is a joke but photos are NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lanre - Inspirational stuff…..

Afolabi Sogunro - Beautiful detail shots! Love #29.

Fola Adewole - Gorgeous as always…always enjoy going thru your posts….

Kemi - Beautiful beautiful.. beautiful couple and fantastic work as always!

yemi - Beautiful…Dotun your work is amazing..

Chris - Very nice… really great tips too!

wale ariztos - lovely lovely shots here. gorgeous couple. you captured the bride perfectly. can’t wait to see more. p.s., there’s something about #12 that i love too.

AJ - Dotun, every picture, every angle, every shot was EXQUISITE. I know they say the “Devil is in the Details” – Well I have my personal take on that “The Beauty is in the Details”. Thanks for posting this. Now this is the stuff that just makes you want to see the entire wedding album.

Sandra Nwankwo - love the shots Dotun!!! Nice attention to detail. Not to mention Ogo is definitely a beautiful bride!!!

Bibi - Wow, awesome, stunning shote, beautiful bride, i am sooo in love with these pictures, so perfect. You are so great at what you do Dotun, and always fun to work with.

omojesu - master has done it again… very beautiful shots, love the clarity of each picture. Great work

babynaf - very nice Dotun, you did an incredible job as always.

Ral - OMG! This is beautiful! Tremendous work as usual Dotun! Everyone looked gorg!

Dotun - Thanks Kirth, Tunji and Seun. Laku, I know what you mean exactly, I see it happen one too many times.

Laku Davies - Wow! Lovely shots Dotun, I’m still yet to shoot a wedding where there is no last minute dash into the Limo!

Tunji Sarumi - Very Nice…Its always nice to have a fun and exciting wedding party.

Seun B - Didnt this all took me by surprise.great post as usual.

Love love the Invitation with ring in between their names. Creativity

Kirth - LOVED every SHOT!!!! The shot with the shoes in the center of the frame A++++
great point about brides that smile on their day !

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