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Natalie’s Bridal shower – A Tiffany’s theme

So today’s a bit different from what I would normally post. By now you know I get bored pretty easily so I like to mix up my postings but the last thing that would come to mind is blogging a bridal shower but I tell you this one is different. When Ayo called me like 6 months before this shower, I was very skeptical about the shoot. I asked her if she really needed me to be the only guy at a bridal shower shooting. I’ve been at some bridal showers and usually I will need to close my eyes while I shoot:)Ayo said the DJ will be there so that makes two males and I was like…great! two males amongst a flock of ladies, this was going to be interesting! I showed up at the location and honestly I thought I was in the wrong room. Is this a shower or wedding? So again, BCG decor did their thing and the decor was just beyond amazing. I will showcase some of the decor images as in intro to the post.  As you will see from the post, I had so much shooting this shower. The shower had a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” theme, a movie from way back. Ok, no more talk…please enjoy the images.

Technical stuffs:

For a room of this size and an event this intimate, it was important for me to be able to balance flash and the little ambient light the room has. I could have shot this at a very high ISO without flash but that means I would sacrifice the quality of the images especially in print.



Believe it or not, this is the invitation every guest got





They had a lady there to teach table etiquette…I learned something for sure

She won my favorite Tiffany of the night…she got the outfit perfectly.




This was quite painful to watch, Natalie will chew a piece of gum for every question she gets wrong. Her reward for answering the right questions is a gift from her hubby.



This was an interesting one, the ladies will be blindfolded and then get dressed on their own before a catwalk. The best dressed wins a gift.



So the Tiffany’s line up for their portraits

Disclaimer – I was made to take the 3 shots below…not my idea at all..just signs it’s time to go home:)

So I get a royal treatment from 3 ladies

and then even more..:)

Jackie - Absolutely Beautiful. I could feel the love and joy. ☺

Onassis - WOW that was a platinum bridal shower, I can’t wait to see what the wedding looks like.

adedeji olaide - wooow, wow. been looking for somthing unique for a bridal shower. thumbs up, cos i love this

Miche' - Lovely !!!

Funmi - Awesome Shower! Definitely never seen one like that ..very unique. Great work as always D!

wailor - My! my! My! Another knockout. Hope you’re holding up under all that snow!!

OHANA PHOTOGRAPHERS - “i was made to take the 3 shots below” hahaha awesome! people always want that “jump” shot. all around beautifully done!

Bumy - Simply xquisite!

Oye Akins - That must have been a great party, awesome moments captured.

Onaopemipo - awesome work!
i actually like the theme n all…

DrAW! - Brilliant work Dotun!
A shower? I can’t wait for the actual wedding!!

Woomie - Very Classy Shower!

Seketha Mosley - This was just so beautiful…I love the love and the happiness she shared with her bridal party and friends. I just love it

Tope - Vintage Ivy - OMG, Love it! That was truly a beautiful celebration! As always BCG Events makes royal decor.

Kemi - ok so i am just seeing these… speechless, priceless… beautiful beautiful shower, exquisite folks!!! Great job as always Dotun and fabulous shower!

Mr Quadosh - You blow us away every time with your amazing super power!

Bee - OMGosh!This has me totally floored! A breakfast by Tiffany’s themed bridal shower! I’m telling the whole world about this blog post!
Beautiful photography as always!

Deji - OMG! Never knew people could go all out for a bridal shower like this. Lovely.

Uche Onwuemene - Spectacular array of glamorous seductive colors
Bringing out the best of every one. Kudos Dotman

AJ - DOTUN!!!!! These are absolutely FAB. Thanks for obliging us. :) You know me, the detail shots are amazing, you’ve got the eye. And you captured the mood of the day. Thanks and by the way none of those ladies had a drop of alcohol, its called TOO MUCH FUN. thanks D.

Aramide - Beautiful beautiful shower and very well captured! Great Job!I feel as if I was there.

wale ariztos - what a great idea for a shower. and of course you captured it perfectly. the details were on point.

Lanre - All i can do is smileeeeeeeeeeee.

Yinks - hmm the perks of being a photographer eh Ddot! Lovely event and well captured! I feel like I was there…

EP - Inspirational work. good stuff.

Tara Wynn - NOW that’s a Bridal Shower! Beautiful!

Natalie - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. It was very beautiful and intimate, and I had so much fun.

chinwe - The shower was so fly!!!!!! It was so much fun too. Dotun you captured the spirit so well. Looking at the pictures brought a high smile to my face. Great job!!!!

DeeTeeKay - Beautiful decor, beautiful sshower, beautiful ladies…and of course beautiful bride! Beautiful is the word here! Love all the pics :)

CO - Love It so chic…

Eno U. - What a great idea for a bridal shower! I love it! Nice pictures.

Debbie Nwolisa-Nname - :)

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