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Maliq – Picture of the day

I took a break from working on albums and bumped into Maliq’s shot.  Maliq is at that stage where he doesn’t pose for the camera anymore, so when he gave me this one, it really felt like a million dollars.  I remember shooting him while he was still in the belly, so funny how time flies!


Kravitz - Would wanna have sumfin lyk dis… cuz there’s much to being handsome… kudos 2 parents… good job u’ve got here

ayo j. - Fine boy Maliq! Nice pic.

Mercy Ilevbare - I also remember his womb shots…lol..Time does fly indeed!!..He’s such a cutie!!

Tara Wynn - I remember the photo shots of him and his parents. What a beautiful little boy. Definitely photo of the day.

tolani - My baby is now a big boy. can’t wait 2 c u again

Moriam - My darling nephew is so cute, so precious. Thank you Dotun for capturing this Gem on film. I am with Daddy, I’d like a copy of this picture.

Kemi O. - Cutie on duty! Nice one of Maliq!

Tunde - Awww! See my awesome nephew. Handsome Bobo! good shot.

Maliq's Granpa - Oh! very nice shot. wouldnt mind a copy.

Mobola - Awww, thx for capturing this! It’s baby is becoming a big boy.

Debbie - O wow! every feature on that little face is perfection… Just as God intended.

wura - Wow,he is so handsome.

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