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Testing the Canon 7D with Nolan

I thought I’d share my test results on the new Canon 7D DSLR in the hopes of helping anyone considering the purchase.  It’s actually not brand new but the latest from Canon in that line-up.  Jummy(aka jblaze) was kind enough to leave hers with me for a couple of days. From my few findings, this is definitely a good one from Canon but I have only been able to test it up to ISO 800 though. In good light, it is fast and accurate even with the off center AF point which is what I shot all the images below. The new focusing system is just butter. Now the real challenge will be to do more testing in low light against my Mark III. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews in low light especially over ISO 1600 but I rarely go over 1600, so I may get one in the near future as a backup to my 5D II and Mark III or maybe get rid of the mark III…but cant be sure yet.

Of course my favorite subject was kind enough to pose for me and as you can see he had fun while he was at it. This is actually Nolan being himself right outside the house, a side you hardly see of him in public. All the shots below were shot in Jpeg and not RAW..pretty good stuff.



Below is a crop from a shot taken before the one above


ISO 800 in the living room




Amaka - He has his mother’s eyes, definitely… Adoooooooooorable!

Addie - Totally Adorable!!

Peju - Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…see my Nolan! He is so so cute! I tried saving the pic, so i can make it my screen saver but it did not allow me :( Fantastic job as always!!!

fola lawal - Hi Dotun! love ur pictures! wat kind of camera and lens do you use?

Lanre - Boss! please i’d have loved if you mentioned the lens used for this shoot and any other accessories

Omowunmi - Your son is a work of God’s art…..

Affi - First of Nolan is just ‘yum’! Second of all, great shots. Seems like the 7D seems like a great Camera. Currently loving my 5DII…but maybe as a backup crop sensor this might be next on the list.

Yinka - oh be still my beating heart! Wook at him! Dot y’all done good with him and these shots…

Sade - Gosh he’s such a cutie!

Kadian - Wowwwwwie!! He’s such a little cutie……..and very intelligent too! Good job daddy!!

babynaf - OH my gosh, he looks so much like mama Di in the last shot, and here I thought he looked like you from that one big baby picture, soo cute!

Remi - Nolan is so handsome. He looks like Di in the last pic. Nice work Dotun

DrAW! - Canon should pay you for this.

Kehinday Star - Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww my boy is toooooooooooooo fine!!! Very crisp and awesome pics!


Lifeofastranger - Oh my Gosh he is such a cutie, so handsome, wow. The images are so clearer and crispier (if that is a word), or maybe it’s Nolan that is making all this images so yummy. Awww. Absolutely love the 3rd. more awwww..Great work again Dotun.

Dotun - Thanks ladies! lol @ harlem shake…that is so true.

Debbie - Pic #2 from the bottom up looks like he is dancing(harlem shake) he is so so cute. Great work Dotun! Got his mum’s beautiful eyes for sure.

nikki - Your Son is so handsome Diwura is doing a great job ! Good work love the test pics!

JBlaze - That last shot…. all i see is Di’s face….. especially eyes…

Funmi Makinde - He is so adorable….

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