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Altreisha & Oladi – Old Town Va and DC

I know I’ve kept you guys waiting for over a week but I’m sure you know why by now:)Up next is my 6-11-11 couple Dr. Altreisha and Dr. Oladi. Altreisha emailed me 4-16-09 to reserve her wedding date, I didn’t take the inquiry too seriously until she wrote back again. So I responded to make sure it wasn’t a typo that she’s trying to book her photography 2 yrs prior. Well, it turned out she wasn’t kidding and she’s apparently one of my blog stalkers from way back so we were off to great start.  Altreisha is from Jamaica and Oladi is from Togo, so it’s another mixed cultured wedding I’m looking forward to shoot in Minneapolis. We shot in Old Town Alexandria and Washington in 39 degrees weather and we were so happy it was 39 degrees since we just came out of a snow blizzard. Enjoy the shots of these lovely couple and I hope to post their part 2 before their wedding. For this post, I will be posting backwards starting from the end of the shoot to the beginning.

Don’t forget to check out their website at the end of the post.

An Engament shoot in Old Town Alexandria

One of our stops in Old Town – Old Fashioned Ice Cream Company

See how Altreisha’s buttons match the guys in red:)

So we quickly figured that hopping wasn’t one of Ladi’s strengths:)

The colors here remind me of the Jamaican and Togo flag colors. Yellow from the Jamaica, red and yellow from Togo.

Trish requested a geeky look shot and I obliged…Trish you happy now?

So I thought we could personalize their “gift registry” page on their website and here is what we came up with, the second shot was used. This could pass for a commercial Ad campaign, I tell ya!

Next up is for their “directions” page,  we used one similar to the one below. I really think it’s about time couples begin to think their website pages thru now that website are so popular. They will come out much more better…you can thank me later:)

Altreisha and Oladi’s  lovely wedding website –  I love their song selections so much I left it on repeat for while when site was launched months ago.

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Purpleicious Babe - Nice photo-shoots

checked out their website.. its awesome… loves the biblical references…

God will never stop blessing their union…

Tiwalade - I reali love d pictures. Would like to have something like this for my wedding.

Nathan - I really like those shots through the window. I don’t think I’ve seen that before done so well. The gift shots are good too. Those last few shots look like good lifestyle shots, especially the one sitting on the seat looking at the map together. Great.

Tobechi_Daniel - Very lovely concept. Glad you did it

Toks - Lovely images as usual. Great concept!

wale ariztos - i love these shots!! great concept. you captured them beautifully. p.s., love the couple’s style!

Lola - Hmmmm you have done it again…… I can see new concept here…. makes it more interesting. Kudos to you Sir, am one of your fans on Facebook, may you continue to raise the bar. won’t mind learning from you…. lol!

Yvonne - So i have been waiting patiently for a new blog post. Everyday i logged on i was hoping that i didnt see “Nnamdi bday shoot” at the top. Today my dream came true. As always, you do phenomenal work. I think the gift registry idea is fantastic. God has certainly given you a wonderful talent and i must say u r using it wisely :-)

PS – and NO it hasnt been a week. Its been more like 21days since ur last posting LOL

AJ - D., nice shoot as usual. I am particularly loving the shots specific for their website. I agree with you, this would make for more interesting wedding websites as opposed to the same ol’ thang. Thanks for the suggestion. By the way you better trademark that idea and make a lil change bro! LOL! Thanks for sharing.

Tolu Dawodu - Beautiful Pictures Dotun!!! You should send the picture to Guess, they could seriously use it in an ad. Keep up the good work.

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