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Hello blog stalkers! So I just got back from my cousins beautiful wedding in Nigeria and I think I’m still a little bit jet lagged but I will manage to put this up. This post is a bit unconventional as you can see. I find that a lot of my clients and blog viewers love pretty pictures of the bride, decor etc and it seems as though new pictures pop up on the web every second and the true meaning of photography tends to get lost in the mix. The goal of this post for me is just an attempt to slow things down a little and to get my viewers to appreciate the time and effort used to create certain images. Very soon I will be working on a “know your stuff” blog post aimed at educating my viewers especially future clients on what I think are elements of a good photograph. It will be similar to a post like this one but maybe a bit technical.

I shot this image sometime in May this year at Tai’s wedding NY. One of the bridesmaids was told to get the brides veil from a different room so I waited for this decisive moment to get this shot as she walked back to the room. It was like I saw the shot before it even happened which to me is key to great compositions. I love how the color of her dress pops and how the movement of the bottom part of her dress indicates motion. I would have loved the shot in black and white as well but the presence of the bold color makes me want to leave it in color. If you look carefully, this hallway is not the best lit hallway, so I waited until she got right underneath the hallway lights to take the shot. You can see the 2 light scones on the side and the florescent light above helped to sculpt her and of course my flash was turned off. The rest is just determining what lens I will need to convey the right perspective and the camera settings needed to freeze the motion.

In summary, in as much as I love pretty pictures as well, story telling images like this and revealing what went thru my mind at the time of capture makes this post for me, so stay tuned for more from time to time and I hope you enjoyed it as well.



LovesPost - I am so seconding Yinks comment. Lol!!!
Sincerely, Blog Stalkers Association UK chapter 😀

Lanre - Even before reading what you have up there, i was wowed by how the colours popped, hotel hall ways are not the best with lighting, well captured boss!

wale ariztos - lovely composition. great eye as usual. sometimes we don’t know what photographers are thinking to get a shot…and what it takes to get a seemingly simple shot. keep it up!

Purpleicious Babe - loool…. @ blog stalkers…

Nene - Lol! Blog stalkers is right! Ditto @ Yinks. I like how you explained the photograph Dotun, a pretty picture is a lot of work!

Yinks - More more more we want more!! Welcome back but a single photo will not cut it, we need a full post.
Blog Stalkers Association of America.

Pjobaby - Fantastic… I’m obssessed with picture, this capture is ‘IT’!

Fotos by Fola - Well said dotun. As soon as i saw the image i was already dissecting and was along the same thought process. Great capture. Might need to take a page out of your book. Thanks for sharing.

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