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A shoot with Moji Akinyemi

My shoot with Moji was supposed to happen 2 years ago I think, so a few months ago I finally found a crack in my schedule and we took advantage of it. I know most of those who say they can’t model are usually just humble about it and that was Moji’s case exactly. Moji totally rocked the shoot beyond my expectations for sure. Thanks to Kemi Ogundeyi who came out to assist with lighting. We shot both looks in College Park, MD.  Have a great weekend!

Lola O - Niceeeeeeeeee!!! I luv.

Kirth - Nice work as usual bro. lovely lighting

Ginnie - OMG, Dotun. When Astrid told me you had commented on her blog, I said, “I KNOW DOTUN.” A lot of water has gone under the bridge since I last saw your name and work. For one thing, Astrid and I are now married and I’m living with her in the Netherlands!

I am so glad you are “out there” again. I love your work…some of the best that exists, if you ask me!

Astrid - Wonderful light and great POV, love your work.
Great B&W.

Tunji Sarumi - …very nice. I like the “soft light” around her.

ayo-iShutter - I crave this skill. Dotun, your lighting is excellent. Thank you for sharing.

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